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Shrewsbury Masters

Guernsey Swim Meet 2006

Ali W.jpg Can't Trust Anyone These Days.jpg Chris B 3rd Man.jpg Flying Man.jpg
Ali W
Can't Trust Anyone These Days
Chris B 3rd Man
Flying Man
Happy Couple.jpg Hard Work.jpg James.jpg Male Bonding.jpg
Happy Couple
Hard Work
Male Bonding
Olds Celebrating.jpg On Yer Marks.jpg Some of the Team.jpg The Ashes.jpg
Olds Celebrating
On Yer Marks
Some of the Team
The Ashes
The Long Walk Home.jpg The Team.jpg Winning Team.jpg Womens Team.jpg
The Long Walk Home
The Team
Winning Team
Womens Team
Youngs Celebrating.jpg 6 in a Bed.jpg Guernsey Ali B Cafe.JPG Guernsey Beach pool.jpg
Youngs Celebrating
6 in a Bed
Guernsey Ali B Cafe
Guernsey Beach pool
Guernsey Group.jpg
Guernsey Group
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